Holiday Traditions


Three of your favorite scents in one candle. Each of the Three layers takes you on a blissful aromatic journey.

Layer 1: Christmas Tree, Green
Enjoy the natural scent of a real Christmas tree, the epitome of Christmas

Layer 2: Snickerdoodle, White
Holiday baking, fresh baked cookies right out of the oven

Layer 3: Cider By The Fire, Red
Mulled apple cider with a hint of the crackling wood burning in the fireplace

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Holiday Traditions
It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas! Today is all about finding the perfect Christmas tree, enjoying time with family, baking cookies and decorating. Who doesn’t love decorating the Christmas tree with the family as Christmas music is playing in the background and amazing cookies are baking in the oven?! First, enjoy the fresh scent of the beautiful Christmas tree that the family picked out and decorated together. Let the baking extravaganza begin! The fresh backed Snickerdoodles are just coming out of the oven and now it’s time to start making the dough for another batch. Enjoy the scent of fresh baked snickerdoodles. What a day! The family picked out a beautiful Christmas Tree, then came home and decorated the tree together with lovely Christmas music playing and baked plenty of delicious cookies while finishing up the decorations around the house. Now it’s time to relax in our PJs in front of the fireplace with a warm apple cider in hand, the best way to end a fun day of holiday traditions.
Signature Candle Collection
Introducing the sensational Vela Tarina Signature Candle Collection. These 20 oz soy candles are hand poured in an elegant apothecary style glass container with a complementary natural wooden lid. Each of these beautiful candles are comprised of three layers that take you on a blissful aromatic journey.

Additional information

Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in

Made in the USA
All Natural Soy Wax


Burn Time Up to 100 hours
Dimensions 6¼(6⅝” with lid) H x 3½” W 
Weight 20 oz
Wax All natural soy wax that is derived from renewable plant based materials to ensure a high quality clean burning candle.
Scents Premium grade phthalate free fragrances that are hand selected to create the unique scent combinations that you have come to adore.
Wicks Lead-free cotton braided wick with a paper filament core that is primed in a natural vegetable wax coating (rather than the standard, paraffin wax coating).
Containers 100% Recyclable Glassware


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